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FILL command in AutoCAD


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This article is regarding FILL command in AutoCAD.
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◕ FILL command in AutoCAD.

FILL Command is very important in AutoCAD.
Its effect is deep in case of Hatching, Gradient or Making Donuts etc.

Sometimes we need to fill a circle or a rectangle or an object with the Solid color i.e. with Solid Hatch.
But though we follow the steps of Hatching, we fail to fill a circle with Solid Color.
This is because of the FILL Command.

If we enter FILL Command in the Command Window, it will give us two options ON & OFF.
By-default it is ON.
If we make it OFF, then we will unable to fill a circle or rectangle or an object will the Solid Hatch.
So make it ON to fill a circle, rectangle or an object with Solid Color.

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