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OOPS command in AutoCAD


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This article is regarding OOPS command in AutoCAD.
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◕ OOPS command in AutoCAD
In AutoCAD the OOPS command is very important and interesting.
This OOPS command restores the most recently deleted object, set of objects or block, even if we used other commands in the meantime.

1. Paste a block on the screen.
2. Delete the block.
3. Draw a line.
4. Draw a circle.
5. Type the OOPS in the Command Window.
6. We will see that the deleted block returns back on screen.
Thus we can retrieve the latest deleted object, set of object or block.
Please note:
The UNDO command can also do this.
But it can't do this so easily.

◕ Difference between OOPS and UNDO command in AutoCAD.

Both the above commands retrieve the deleted items in AutoCAD.
But the only difference between them is:

The OOPS command restores the latest object, set of objects or the block that we erased.
This ignores other commands which we used in the meantime.

On the other hand, the UNDO command undoes almost all commands.
It hardly ignores any command.
It follows the same order as they were executed.

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