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Floating Point Constants


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◕ This article is regarding
Floating Point Constants
Ways to write floating point constant
Example to write floating point constant.

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◕ Floating Point Constants.

There are three floating point types:
long double.

We can use floating point number as constant.
By default, floating point constants are Type double.

◕ We can write floating point constants in two ways:
- If we want a constant to be type float, we have to use a f or F suffix.
- For Type long double, we have to use L suffix.

◕ The examples are given bellow:

float india = 1.234f;
This is a float constant.

float india = 1.2345E12F;
This is a float constant.

float india = 1.23456E32;
This is a double constant.

float india = 9.9L;
This is a long double constant.

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