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Indian Presidential Election


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This article is regarding Indian Presidential Election.
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◕ Indian Presidential Election.

- Indian Presidential Election is not same as other Indian elections, like the the Parliament Election or the State Assembly Election. Normal people can cast their vote in those cases. But normal people cannot cast their vote in the Presidential Election.

Those who can cast vote in the Presidential Election are -
■ Members of Rajya Sabha ( Upper House of the Parliament ).
■ Members of Lok Sabha ( Lower House of the Parliament ).
■ MLSs. Members of Legislative Assembly ( MLA) from every states.

◕ Our Presidential Election is different for one more reason. Because, every vote of the MPs and MLAs have a fixed value.
Like -

There are 543 members in the Lok Sabha( Lower House of the Parliament ) and
233 members in the Rajya Sabha ( Upper House of the Parliament ).
Total members ( 543 + 233 ) = 776.
The value of the vote of a member is equal to 708 votes.
So total votes from all MPs are ( 776 x 708 ) = 5,49,408.

Total 4120 MLAs are there in India. The value of the vote of these MLAs is different in different states.
This value is selected regarding the ratio of the population of that state.
For an example: The value of a vote of an MLA from Uttar Pradesh is 208.

◕ The list of the value of a vote of an MLA from different state is given bellow.
This list is in decreasing order according to the value of a vote:-

Uttar Pradesh: 208
Tamil Nadu: 176
Jharkhand: 176
Maharashtra: 175
Bihar: 173
Andhra Pradesh: 159
Kerala: 152
West Bengal: 151
Orissa: 149
Gujarat: 147
Telangana: 132
Karnataka: 131
Madhya Pradesh: 131
chhattisgarh: 129
Rajasthan: 129
Assam: 116
Punjab: 116
Pondicherry: 116
Haryana: 112
Jammu & Kashmir: 72
Uttarakhand: 64
Delhi: 58
Himachal Pradesh: 51
Tripura: 26
Goa: 20
Meghalaya: 17
Nagaland: 9
Mizoram: 8
Arunachal Pradesh: 8
Sikkim: 7

◕ Total MPs both from Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha is 776.
Total MLSs from all states is 4120.
So the total voter for the Presidential Election is 4896.

Total vote from all MPs is ( 776 x 708)= 5,49,408
Total vote from all MLSs is 5,49,495
Total vote for the Presidential Election is 10,98,903.

Presidential Election for the 17th President of India will be held on 17the July.
The vote counting will be on 20th July.

Participants are:
Ram Nath Kovind
Governor of Bihar
Former P.A. of honorable prime minister Morarji Desai.
From the NDA.

Meira Kumar
Former Honorable Speaker of Lok Sabha.
From Congress and its alliances.

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