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How to protect the computer from Ransomware?


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This article is regarding
Ransomware Cyber attack.
How Ransomware effect the computer?
How to protect the computer from Ransomware?

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◕ How it works?

Till now the Ransomware Cyber attack has hit more than two lakh victims over 150 countries. It mainly targets a computer in two ways.

■ 1. If the computer is out-of-date. Such as Windows XP which is out dated and Microsoft has already announced few years ago that they will not develop the Windows XP any more. As a result this operating system ( Windows XP ) is affected the most by the Ransomware. So to save our computer we should update our system.

■ 2. If our system is already updated, then in this updated system, the Ransomware works mainly through phishing emails. These mails come with the name of our friends so that we can easily trust on it and open it. This type of mail contains an attachment. This attachment is the main culprit. It looks like, this attachment is very important. If we try to open this attachment file then we are inside the hacker's trap. So we should avoid to opening such email with such attachment.

Generally the subjects of these mails are so astonished that we become confuse whether to open it or not. These types of email try to do the emotional blackmail.

Some example subjects of these mails are:
- A legal notice. Please read me.
- Somebody has filed an FIR against you. Please read me.

◕ After the effect of Ransomware?

This virus encrypts our files and locks our system. Then the virus display a message on the screen demanding a payment up to $300 to unlock the device or to access the device. But it is not guaranteed that the access of the device would be restored after the payment.

◕ How to save our computer from Ransomware?

1. Upgrade the computer from Windows XP to later versions.
2. Update the computer.
3. Don't open an email without any subject or with an astonishing subject.
4. Back up the important files, because if the computer is infected then we can format our computer to get rid of Ransomware.
5. Microsoft has now sent out patches for Windows XP in an attempt to limit the damage from Ransomware. Anybody can download it and use it.

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