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What is Java? Where we can apply Java?
Why Java is a Machine Independent Program? What is Machine Independent Program?
Root Directory of Java
How to Compile and run a Java Program?
What is .class file in Java?
What is variable in a program?
What is identifier in Java?
Integer data types in Java?
What is Primitive Types in Java?
How to declare constant variables in Java?
Why should we declare the initial value of a variable in Java?
Use of Underscores to write an integer in Java
Difference between the Initialization and the Assignment in Java?
Assignment Statement & Assignment Operator in Java
Increment a variable by a given amount in Java
Basic structure of a simple Java program
Increment and Decrement operators in Java
Errors in Integer Arithmetic in Java
What is Casting and Explicit Cast in Java for integer?
Mathematical Functions And Constants in Java
Mixed Arithmetic Expressions in Java
Explicit Casting for floating point type in Java
Character Type in Java
Importing the Math Class Methods

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