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How to Compile and run a Java Program?


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This article is regarding How to Compile and run a Java Program?
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◕ How to Compile and run a Java Program?

- Java source code is always stored in a file with the extension .java.
Generally we use text editor like notepad or notepad++ to write our source code.
For an example, we can store our source code in a file named as myJavaprogram.java.

After we create a source code file for our program, first we need to compile our source code using the java compiler.
Then we can run that Java Program.
Java compiler comes by-default with the JDK ( Java Development Kit ).

◕ To compile and run the myJavaprogram.java file please follow the following process:

- Make a folder in the c:\ drive and give it a name. Say we named the folder as test.

- Put the myJavaprogram.java file in this folder.
And put the following Java code on it and save it.

public class apples{
public static void main (String args[]){
system.out.println("I love APPLE!");

- Go to run box ( Window button + R )

- Type cmd and press enter.

- Console window will open

- Type cd\ and press enter.
This will bring us on the C:\ drive.

- Type dir and press enter.
This will give us the all the directory list of the C:\ drive.

- Type cd test and press enter.
This means, we want to Chang Directory to test.
In simple, we want to go on the test folder.

- Type dir and press enter.
Again this will open all the file names which are there on the test folder.

- Type javac myJavaprogram.java and press enter.
This will compile the Java file myJavaprogram.java
A new compiled file will appear with the name of the class (here it is apples) with an extension of .class.
So here the new compiled file will be apples.class.

- Type java apples and press enter.
We will get the result I love APPLE!

Congrats! You have run your 1st Java Program successfully.

Please note:
Now-a-days we can test Java programs through different testing tools.
But for learning the above process is the best.

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