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Explicit Casting for floating point type in Java.


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This article is regarding Explicit Casting for floating point type in Java.
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◕ Explicit Casting for floating point type in Java.

- Let have an example statement first.
averageTemp = 2.5 + ( 15/2 );

If we run this, what will be the result?
The correct result is 10, but we will get the wrong result as 9.5.
This is because, the part 15/2 is an integer expression and will produces an integer result i.e. 7 not 7.5.
Hence the overall result will be 9.5.

◕ Solution:
1st solution:
averageTemp = 2.5 + double(15/2);


2nd solution:
averageTemp = 2.5 + ( double )15/2;

If we run this, then we will get the correct result 10.

Because, here we converted the part 15/2 from integer to floating point by adding the word double.

- In the 1st solution we make the whole expression 15/2 as floating point.

- In the 2nd solution we make the int 15 as floating point.
As a result when the expression 15/2 executed it produces the result as floating point.

Converting this type of thing like the 1st solution and 2nd solution is called the Explicit Casting.
Please remember: It is not good to use Explicit Casting in a program. Hence try to avoid this.

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