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Identifier in Java.


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This article is regarding
Identifier in Java.
Rules to name a variable in Java.

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◕ Identifier in Java.
- In Java the name we choose for a variable is called an identifier.
In large scenario, indeed the name that we choose for anything in Java is called an identifier.

◕ Rules to name a variable in Java.

- An identifier or a name can be any length.

- It must start either with a letter, an underscore (_), or a dollar sign ($).

- The rest of an identifier or a name can include any characters except those which are used as operators in Java ( such as +, -, or * ).

- Java is case sensitive, so the name of the variables Flower and flower are not same.

- We must not include Blank Space or Tabs in the middle of a variable name.

- We can't use a keyword as a name. These keywords are reserved for the operation of Java.
The example of keywords are system, out, println etc.

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