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Root Directory of Java

Java Program

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This article is regarding
Root Directory of Java
Where we will find the root directory of Java?
Different Parts of root directory.
Sub-directories of the Root Director

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◕ If we install Java in our computer then we will find the root directory in the following path.

- In C drive go to program files.
- Here we will find the folder Java.
- Inside this folder we will find a folder jdk1.8.0_101 or jdk1.7.0 or like this according to the install version of the Java.

This folder is generally called the root directory of Java.
Sometimes it also called the Java home directory.

◕ Details of the Sub-directories of the Root Director of Java

- The fundamental Sub-directories of the Root Director of Java consists the following folders.


- And the following zip

◕ Details of the Sub-directories

- This contains Compiler Interpreter and other Executable files.

- This contains the Cheader files for native codes.

- This contains mainly Java Runtime files. There are two folders inside this folder.
bin & lib
bin - This folder contains Executable files for the runtime of Java
lib - This folder contains the Class libraries files

- This folder consists the Files which are used by the executable files.

The source codes for the class libraries are included in this src.zip
Normally Java IDEs can access its contents directly without unpacking it.
This src.zip is a very good source to learn Java.
It is very helpful for better understanding the Java Program.

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Root Directory of Java
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