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What is Java?

Java Program

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This article is regarding What is Java? Where we can apply Java?
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◕ What is Java?

- Java is an innovative programming language. Java is very powerful and beautiful language. It is a very compact language.

- Java is an object-oriented program. Object Oriented Programs ( OOP ) are easier to understand and less time-consuming to maintain and extend.

- It is machine independent language, means it do not depends on the operating system of a computer.
We don't have to write different versions of the same program for different operating systems.
The same Java program can run in any computer or any mobile phone if its operating system supports Java.
This portability makes Java very popular language. Because Java saves lot of time and resources in developing, supporting, and maintaining major applications on different hardware platforms and operating systems.

- Java has a built-in ability to support national character sets. As a result we can write Java programs easily for use in India, Bangladesh or South Africa etc, like as for English-speaking countries. Even we can build programs to support several different national languages automatically.

◕ Where we can apply Java?

■ Java enables us to write small programs called Applets. These Applets are programs that we can embed in our web page to provide a vast range of exciting possibilities.

Such as:
We can use it for presentation of text and graphics, for interactive with our visitors or customers, for animations, games, interactive transaction process etc. The journey of the possibilities is almost unlimited.

■ Java Server Pages (JSP) provides a powerful means of building a server application that can dynamically create and download our HTML pages to our client.

This Java Server Pages (JSP) can themselves contain Java Applets.

■ Java enables us to write large application programs that we can run unchanged on any computer if that computer's operating system supports Java. This is why the slogan for the Java was "write once, run anywhere " due to its cross-platform capability.

We can develop Java code easily on our PC and it can run on any Java-enabled cell phone. We can even write Java programs that can work both as ordinary applications and as an Applet.

■ Java provides us facilities for building applications with an interactive graphical user interface (GUI), extensive image processing & graphics programming facilities.

■ Java provides us facilities for building applications or programs to communicating with remote computers over a network and accessing relational databases.

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