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Ask Google to re-crawl your URL

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This article is regarding Ask Google to re-crawl your URL.
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◕ Whenever we create a new website, article or blog, the first thing we probably want people to know about it and find it. Best way people will find it through search engines like Google. But, we have to wait for the Googlebot to crawl my website and add it to the Google index.

What should be done so that Google will crawl and index our page as quickly as possible?

The fact is that,
1)     The Googlebot is a search bot or software that Google sends out to collect information about the documents of the websites and to add those documents to Google’s searchable index.

2)     Crawling is the process where the Googlebot goes from website to website and collects new and updated information to report back to Google.

3)     Indexing is the processing of those information which Googlebot collects from its crawling activities. Once documents are processed, they are added to Google’s searchable index. Please note that low quality content are avoided by Google.

4)     During the process of indexing, the Googlebot processes the important words of the page and their location information. For an example, Googlebot index Title tag, Meta tag, ALT attributes etc.

Let consider that I have a website which is updated every week. So what happens if I've updated one of my pages with new content just after it was crawled? Do I need to wait for a week before Google spider will come back?

No. Not like that. The solution is:

If we have an XML sitemap, we can add a lastmod tag in the XML sitemap and it gives a hint to the crawler when the page was last updated. Even though our page may have just been crawled, the search engine will take notice of our sitemap lastmod tag and soon will take action to crawl our page again. But all things depend on the content's quality of our website.

The example of a lastmod tag in a sitemap:
<loc> http://riyabutu.com/ </loc>
<lastmod> 2016-05-03 </lastmod>
<changefreq> weekly </changefreq>
<priority> 1.0 </priority>

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