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How to make XML Sitemap?

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This article is about How to make XML Sitemap?
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◕ How to make XML Sitemap?

- It is very easy. Lot of very good websites are there to make a sitemap totally free. Best is https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ .

Open this website. On this website to make a sitemap do the following.
1) In the Starting URL section put your website name. Example: riyabutu.com

2) In the Change frequency section select daily, weekly etc as per your requirement. This means your website is updated within this period of time and Googlebot will come back after that period of time.

3) In the Last modification section select Use this date/time . This will use current date and time. And this is actually the lastmod tag of the sitemap.

4) In the Priority section Select Automatically Calculated Priority.

5) Then click on the Start button.

6) On the next page, you will find Your sitemap is ready! Here you will find 1. Download the sitemap file here . Click on here to download your XML Sitemap. This file size is very little, max 2/3 KB for a normal website.

Now your sitemap is ready for your website. Upload it on your server and submit it to the google webmaster tool. In the google webmaster tool you will find Sitemap section to submit your sitemap.
All the best!

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