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This article is regarding Image Optimization in a Website.
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◕ To optimize an image we mainly follow 3 important points.

◾ Description of the Alt option inside the <img>.
◾ Image Size.
◾ Image Format.

Description of the Alt option inside the <img>

SEO is all about the game of Keywords. Search engines not only crawl the text of my Web page, but also search keywords in my image file names. It may be the name of the image file and also the description of the Alt inside the image tag.

Some point to remember to describe the Alt option.

◾ 1) Describe the images in simple and plain text.

◾ 2) If you have a product to sell, try to use the model number & serial number in the Alt.

For an example:

I want to sell my ebook. So if I write
< img src="riyabutu.jpg" alt="ebook"> .
Then I am not giving proper description in the Alt . Then what should I write?

Yes, I will go to the Google Adword and will find the proper keyword related to the name of my book. Or I can directly write the Alt as
< img src="riyabutu.jpg" alt="Riyabutu Bengali Story Book">
This is more descriptive for search engines.

Image Size

Never use a large image for your Website. Because large image has generally large file size. So it takes more time to load. As a result the Website becomes slow which effects the rank.

If the situation is like that we have to use the large image, then it is better option to use small image with a link to the large image. So if anyone want to view the large image, he will click on the small image and then the large image will display. Normally visitors wait almost 3 to 5 seconds to load a Web page. If it takes more time to load then visitors move away. So it should be our target to load our page within 3-5 seconds. Many things prevent us to do that. Like Image, CSS, JavaScript etc.

( To know how to increase the speed of a web page using Browser Cache, please read the article Browser Cache )

We should try to keep our image size to the lowest file size, keeping eye on quality. We can do this with various applications on our desktop or online, totally free. The list of applications are given bellow:

◾ 1) Adobe Photoshop. Online free version to edit you photo: http://www.photoshop.com/

◾ 2) Pixlr ( https://pixlr.com/ ).

◾ 3) FotoFlexer ( http://fotoflexer.com/ ).

◾ 4) PicMonkey ( https://www.picmonkey.com/ ).

◾ 5) GIMP ( http://www.gimp.org/ ).

Image file format

There are lot of image file formats. Mainly we use 4 types of file formats in our Website.

For the same image JPG is the best for both quality and file size.

All the best!

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