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Different Articles on Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

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This page contains different articles related to Web Design and Development.

List of articles:
► How to make XML Sitemap?
► Robots.txt Fetch Error
► How to find URL of my Twitter Account?
► Difference between .html & .htm
► List of wildcard used in MySQL
► MySQL match a string
► Eliminate render blocking CSS
► Eliminate Render Blolcking JavaScript or jQuery
► How google will trust a site?
► What is browser cache? How to leverage browser caching of your website? Browser Caching with .htaccess
► URL Redirection with .htaccess
► Ask Google to re-crawl your URL.
► Display HTML codes in WebPage.
► Image Optimization
► Use HTML & CSS for Responsive Image.
► Notepad Application.
► SEO Title Tag.
► AdSense ads not showing on my webpage.

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