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Use of Notepad in Computer

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This article is regarding Use of Notepad in Computer.
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◕ We all use Notepad in Microsoft Windows. Notepad is the most basic text-editing application. Notepad is a part of Windows Operating system.

Other version of notepad is Notepad++. It is free for all and a better alternative of Notepad. Anybody can Download and use it.
Notepad++ supports syntax highlighting, regular expressions, autocomplete, and much more.
The official Notepad++ page is found at http://notepad-plus-plus.org/

To Open a Notepad File
1.Click Start
2.In the Run box type "notepad" and press Enter.
1.Click Start
2.Click Programs and then Accessories
3.Click the "Notepad" icon
Save with a .txt extension for a text file.

Some Tips

■ A) Press F5 where you want to insert date and time information.

■ B) Create some impressive text-based design:
1. Open Notepad then click format then font
2. Make Font Size 72
3. Change Font to Wingsdings
4. Type anything and see

■ C) Create a webpage using HTML. Type HTML codes and save the file with .html extension.

■ D) If you save a notepad file with .rtf extension it will behave like a word file.

■ E) Change The Header/Footer Of Your Notepad File
1. Open Notepad
2. Click on File -> Page Setup.
3. Replace the text written in the “Header” and “Footer” box by any of the following codes:

&l for Left-align the characters
&c for Center the characters
&r for Right-align the characters
&d for Print the current date
&t for Print the current time
&f for Print the name of the document
&p for Print the page number

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