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Responsive Image with HTML & CSS

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This article is regarding Responsive Image with HTML & CSS.
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◕ What is Responsive Image?

- Responsive image means the image that re-acts with the size of the window.
We can use CSS to make a responsive image.

Use CSS to make a Responsive Image?

Add a class to the image tag as the following example and get a responsive image.

Our Image tag in our HTML file:
<img src="India-Map.jpg" class="responsive" alt="Map of India">

In your CSS file:
height: auto;
max-width: 100%;

The height of the image will follow the ratio with the width.

Please note:
In the above example, if we use width: 100%; the image can be scaled larger than its original size . If we use max-width:100%; property the image will never scale up larger than its original size.

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