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How google trust a site?

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This article is regarding How google trust a site?
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Do search engines trust websites?

Yes! Search engine's trust on a website plays a big role on the ranking.

How a search engine trust my Website?

Here are the points:

■ 1) Most spammers avoid some pages in their Website. These pages are:
About Us
Contact Us
Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions

Your Website may be tiny or big, but always try to maintain these page. Though these pages are boring but it plays a great role for your Website. Always use real address and phone numbers on these pages. Because all of these pages bring trust and ranking for you.

■ 2) In your article or for your article, if you link other site then always try to link .edu or .gov sites. You can also link authority news sites. This generate trust.

■ 3) Social Media is very important to generate both trust, traffic and ranking. So get your social accounts rocking and rolling on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. Be super-active on that.

■ 3) Try to register your domain more than 2 years so that anybody can understand you are a black horse in this field.

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