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How to display HTML codes On WebPage?

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This article is regarding How to display HTML codes On WebPage?
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◕ For tutorials or other purpose sometimes we need to show or display html code in a web page. The following are some process by which we can display html code in html.

■ 1)
If you want to display or show HTML code on a web page so that it is not executed, you need to convert the ' < ' and ' > ' into it's ascii equivalent of
'<'   as   &lt; and
' >'   as   &gt;

< p > // My html code here..... < /p >

We will write it as
&lt; p &gt;
// My html code here.....
&lt; /p &gt;

■ 2)
We can use <pre> and </pre> tags.

// My html code here....

■ 3)
We can use
// My html codes ..

■ 4)
In PHP you can use the following code:
echo htmlspecialchars( ' My html code here ' );

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