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Anamika Majumder


Jokes By- Anamika Majumder
Class-VII, Shri Krishna Mission School, Agartala.
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☺ ☻ Man to a barber: What is the cost of Hair Cutting?

Barber: 30 Rupees.

Man: What is the cost of Shaving?

Barber: 25 Rupees.

Man: OK! Then Please Shave my Hair.

☺ ☻ Son: Mom, You have no idea about child?

Mother: O! Really! Why do you think so?

Son: In the morning, when I feel so sleepy, that time you used to tell me to wake up. And in the noon, when I don't feel sleepy, you used to tell me to go sleep.

☺ ☻ While walking beside a road the Son asked to his father, "Papu, Why the mobile towers are so high?"

Father: It is very easy my son. It is because, when someone speaks on his mobi, others should not listen to them. That's why mobile towers are so high.

☺ ☻ Teacher: What is known as Fishery?

Student: Place where fish are collected.

Teacher: Do you know, what is Nursery?

Student: Yes teachoo! Place where nurses' are collected.

☺ ☻ Tukki: Give me a matchbox.

Tukka: It is on the table.

Tukki( Angrily ): What type of matchbox you have given? Not a single stick lights up?

Tukka( Surprisingly): Oh! I had checked the whole matchbox by burning every stick one by one.

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