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Basic Computer & MS Office Class at Agartala

MS Office Class

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Are you looking for a class at Agartala to learn the Basic of Computer?


Are you looking for a class at Agartala to be a master in MS Office Excel, Word, Power Point etc?

Please note us, as we have almost 10 years experience on MS Office in different private companies in metropolitan cities like Mumbai.

Today's world is running towards computer, internet. So, why to stay behind?
Let start a new journey for a new horizon. Let start before it is too late.

Computer is not so hard to learn. It is for all, for common people.
Let start.

All the best!.

Contact Details:
Mr. Dipak sarkar
Dhaleswar: 13, Agartala, Tripura(W)
Phone no: 8974870845

◕ All the best!

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