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Web Design & Development Class at Agartala

Web Design & Development Class

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◕ Introduction
Web design is simply the Designing of a website. For this we need some programming language and database. With this programming language and database we make a website which runs all over the world for 24 x 7 x 365. Anybody from anywhere of the world can access this website and know about it's content.

Why should learn Web Design & Development?

The whole world is ramping on this internet field. People are using Mobile phones & Computers for internet to share news, knowledge etc.

We are moving on internet age. As our daily life will stop without electricity, same as the whole world will setback without internet or website in today's life.

In every field on the world, people are using internet and website.

Why choose us for Web Design and Development Course

◕ We never said that we are the best.
But we are the best in our field to give you the proper knowledge to Design & Development a website, same as to Maintenance a Website.

◕ You can also learn how to Manage a Database.

◕ Moreover you can do Practical on Live Server.

We deal with the following subjects:-

1.   HTML

2.   CSS

3.   JavaScript

4.   jQuery

5.   PHP

6.   MySQL

7.   Regular Expression

8.   Web Hosting

9.   SEO

Contact Details:
Mr. Dipak sarkar
Dhaleswar: 13, Agartala, Tripura(W)
Phone no: 8974870845

◕ All the best!

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