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How PHP works on Server?

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◕ This article is regarding
How PHP works on Server? The process how the PHP works on Server Side?
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◕ How PHP works on Server?

1) Let we type www.riyabutu.com/index.php into our browser’s address bar or location bar.

2) Then the browser sends a message over the Internet to the Server for the www.riyabutu.com and asks for the page index.php.

3) Apache HTTP Server ( a program running on the Server ) gets the message and asks the PHP Engine ( another program running on the Server ) “Please give me the output of www.riyabutu.com/index.php.

4) The PHP Engine reads the file index.php from the hard drive.

5) Then the PHP Engine runs the commands in index.php. This time it possibly exchanging data with a database program like MySQL.

6) The PHP Engine takes the output from index.php and sends it back to Apache HTTP Server as an answer to the question “Please give me the output of www.riyabutu.com/index.php.

7) Apache HTTP Server sends the page contents which it got from the PHP Engine, back to our computer over the internet in response to our browser’s request.

8) Then our browser displays the page on our screen, following the instructions of the HTML tags in that index.php page.

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