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How Browser communicates with Server?

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How Browser communicates with Server? Server and Browser communication process.
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◕ How Browser communicates with Server?

When we sit down at our computer and pull up a Web Page using a browser like Firefox or Google Chorme, we cause a little conversation over the Internet between our computer and another computer which is called Server.

This process of conversation is given bellow in general steps:

1) Let we type www.riyabutu.com/index.html into our browser’s address bar or location bar.

2) Then the browser sends a message over the Internet to the Server for the www.riyabutu.com and asks for the page index.html.

3) Apache HTTP Server ( a program running on the server ) gets the message and reads the index.html file from its hard drive.

4) Apache sends the contents of the index.html file back to our computer over the internet as a response to the browser’s request.

5) Then our browser displays the page on our screen, following the instructions of the HTML tags in the index.html page.

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