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What is PHP?

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What is PHP? What is PHP Engine? Difference between PHP and PHP Engine. Use of PHP.
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◕ What is PHP?

PHP is a programming language. It is mostly used to build Websites. PHP is a Server Side Language. This means, PHP runs on the Web Server and is accessed by lots of people on their own computers through their Web browsers.

We write PHP programs on our Web Page. The Web Server reads our PHP programs and figures out what to do. The PHP Engine follows these instructions.

The programs we write in PHP in our Web Page, gives command to the PHP Engine to do the same. It may be to talk to the database/ to store some data/ or to display some data etc. Once the Web Server has sent the generated Web Page information to the client side computer, PHP is out of the picture. The rest work is done in the client computer by the HTML, jQuery or JavaScript codes on that page.

So the PHP means either the Programming Language or the Engine. The PHP Engine follows the commands as per the PHP Programs that we write in a Web Page.

Use of PHP:

PHP is used on more than 300 million different Websites. It is being used from a tiny personal home page to giants like Facebook, Yahoo etc. Famous E-Commerce Websites are also use PHP.

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