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Districts of Tripura

Districts of Tripura

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This article is regarding the Districts of Tripura .
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Tripura is a north eastern state of India. It Coordinates extends from 22°56'N to 24°32'N, and 91°10'E to 92°21'E. It covers almost 10,491 sq Km and is the 3rd smallest state in India behind Goa and Sikkim. It's capital is Agartala. Tripura is a hilly state but Agartala is on plane area. 70% of its population is Bengali and almost 30% are Scheduled Tribes. It's official Languages are Bengali and Kokborok. It's literacy rate is 96.8% as per 2015. During winter, temperatures range from 10 to 27°C and during summer temperatures range from 24 and 38°C. It consists 2 Lok Sabha and 1 Rajya Sabha sit. It's population is almost 37 lakhs. It has 8 Districts, 23 Sub-Divisions, 1 Municipal Council, 45 Blocks and 15 Nagar Panchayats.

Name of Districts of Tripura

A state is divided in different districts. Districts are divided into different Sub-Divisions. Sub-Divisions are divided into Block, Nagar Palika ( Municipal Council ) & Nagar Panchayat ( City Council ).

◕ List of districts of Tripura:-

1.North Tripura
2.West Tripura
3.South Tripura

Sub-Divisions of Tripura

A) North Tripura:- 1. Dharmanagar   2. Kanchanpur   3.Panisagar

B) West Tripura:- 4. Sadar   5. Mohanpur   6. Jirania

C) South Tripura:- 7. Santirbazar   8. Belonia   9. Sabroom

D) Khowai:- 10. Khowai   11. Teliamura

E) Dhalai:- 12. Kamalpur   13. Ambassa   14. Longtharai   15. Gandacherra

F) Unakoti:- 16. Kumarghat   17. Kailashahar

G) Sipahijala:- 18. Bishalgarh   19. Jampuijala   20. Sonamura

H) Gomati:- 21. Udaipur   22. Amarpur   23. Karbook

Blocks, Municipal Council & Nagar Panchayat of Tripura

Dist:- North Tripura.
Sub-Div:- Dharmanagar.
Nagar Panchayat:- Dharmanagar Nagar Panchayat.
Blocks:- Kadamtala, Jubaraj Nagar.

Dist:- North Tripura.
Sub-Div:- Kanchanpur
Nagar Panchayat:- 0.
Blocks:- Dasda, Jampui.

Dist:- North Tripura.
Sub-Div:- Panisagar
Nagar Panchayat:- 0.
Blocks:- Panisagar, Damchara.

Dist:- West Tripura.
Sub-Div:- Sadar
Agartala Municipal Corporation
Nagar Panchayat:- 0.
Blocks:- Dukli.

Dist:- West Tripura.
Sub-Div:- Mohanpur
Nagar Panchayat:- 0.
Blocks:- Mohanpur, Hezamara, Lefunga.

Dist:- West Tripura.
Sub-Div:- Jirania
Nagar Panchayat:- Ranirbazar Nagar Panchayat.
Blocks:- Jirania, Mandai.

Dist:- South Tripura.
Sub-Div:- Santirbazar.
Nagar Panchayat:- Santirbazar Nagar Panchayat.
Blocks:- Bagafa, Jolaibadi.

Dist:- South Tripura.
Sub-Div:- Belonia.
Nagar Panchayat:- Belonia Nagar Panchayat.
Blocks:- Rishamukh, Rajnagar.

Dist:- South Tripura.
Sub-Div:- Sabroom.
Nagar Panchayat:- Sabroom Nagar Panchayat.
Blocks:- Satchand, Rupaichodi.

Dist:- Khowai.
Sub-Div:- Khowai.
Nagar Panchayat:- Khowai Nagar Panchayat.
Blocks:- Khowai, Tulashikhar, Padmabil.

Dist:- Khowai.
Sub-Div:- Teliamura.
Nagar Panchayat:- Taliamura Nagar Panchayat.
Blocks:- Taliamura, Kalyanpur, Mungiyakami.

Dist:- Dhalai.
Sub-Div:- Kamalpur.
Nagar Panchayat:- Kamalpur Nagar Panchayat.
Blocks:- Salema, Durgachowmuni.

Dist:- Dhalai.
Sub-Div:- Ambassa.
Nagar Panchayat:- Ambassa Nagar Panchayat.
Blocks:- Ambassa.

Dist:- Dhalai.
Sub-Div:- Longtharai.
Nagar Panchayat:- 0.
Blocks:- Manu, Chamanu.

Dist:- Dhalai.
Sub-Div:- Gandacherra
Nagar Panchayat:- 0.
Blocks:- Dumbur Nagar.

Dist:- Unakoti.
Sub-Div:- Kumarghat.
Nagar Panchayat:- Kumarghat Nagar Panchayat.
Blocks:- Kumarghat, Pecherthal.

Dist:- Unakoti.
Sub-Div:- Kailashahar.
Nagar Panchayat:- Kailashahar Nagar Panchayat.
Blocks:- Gour Nagar.

Dist:- Sipahijala.
Sub-Div:- Bishalgarh.
Nagar Panchayat:- Bishalgarh Nagar Panchayat.
Blocks:- Bishalgarh.

Dist:- Sipahijala.
Sub-Div:- Jampuijala.
Nagar Panchayat:- 0.
Blocks:- Jampuijala.

Dist:- Sipahijala.
Sub-Div:- Sonamura.
Nagar Panchayat:- Sonamura Nagar Panchayat.
Blocks:- Melaghar, Kathaliya, Baksanagar.

Dist:- Gomati.
Sub-Div:- Udaipur.
Nagar Panchayat:- Udaipur Nagar Panchayat.
Blocks:- Matabari, Kakdaban, Killa.

Dist:- Gomati.
Sub-Div:- Amarpur.
Nagar Panchayat:- Amarpur Nagar Panchayat.
Blocks:- Amarpur, Ampi.

Dist:- Gomati.
Sub-Div:- Karbook.
Nagar Panchayat:- 0.
Blocks:- Shilachodi.

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