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1. Who is called the Father of Indian Football?
Ans: Mr.Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari (1869 - 1940) from Kolkata.

2. Mao Zedong started his career as a ....
Ans: Librarian.

3. In India every note contains RBI Governor 's sign except which one?
Ans: One rupee note. Finance Secretary's sign is there.

4. Which animal keeps it 's one eye open at the time of sleeping?
Ans: Dolphin.

5. We celebrate the death anniversary of William Shakespeare as ..
Ans: World book day. 23rd April .

6. Ludo is a popular game in India. What is the meaning of Ludo?
Ans: Ludo is a Latin word. It means ' I play '.

7. Which country made the FIFA world cup 2014 Footballs?
Ans: Pakistan. 42 million balls exported . Almost US$160/ball.

8. Weight of a football approved by FIFA?
Ans: 420 to 445 grams.

9. Great G.T. Road ( Grand Trunk Road).
Ans: 2500 km long . Bangladesh to Kabul.

10. How Squirrels plant lot of trees every year?
Ans: They just forget where they put their acorns.

11. Tortoise can breathe through this also.
Ans: Through their butts.

12. Speciality of Dog's nose?
Ans: Dog's nose print are unique as human finger print.

13. How butterflies taste a flower?
Ans: With their feet.

14. Honey Bees flap their wings?
Ans: Almost 200 times / second.

15. Full name of Wi-Fi?
Ans: Wireless Fidelity.

16. In India which city became first Wi-Fi enabled city?
Ans: Mysore in 2004.

17. What Giga Hertz used in normal computers Wi-Fi?
Ans: Normaly 2.4 Giga Hertz.

18. Wi-Fi range may be- Few meters to almost 400 KM depending on different factors.

19. Cleanest village of India.
Ans:(Survey 2009). Mawlynnong, Meghalaya.

20. Who started laughter yoga?
Ans: Dr.Madan Kataria. 13th March 1995 in Mumbai.

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