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1. First handicapped woman to reach in Mount Everest.
Ans:- Arunima Sinha.

2. Who was known as Pocket Dynamo?
Ans:- Khashaba Dadasaheb yadhav is known as pocket dynamo. He was the first ever Olympic from India after 1947. He won bronze medal at 1952 London Olympic.

3. Who as first woman foreign Secretary from India?
Ans:- Chokila Iyer.

4. Minimum age required to be a member of Rajya Shabha?
Ans:- Minimum 30 Years.

5. Who was Vidyadhar Chakravorty?
Ans:- In 1727 he was the founder and the chief architect ok Jaipur.

6. What is called Garuda in Indian Air Force?
Ans:- MIG 25 fighter plane.

7. Total number of Villages in India?
Ans:- Approximate 5.80 Lakh villages in India.

8. Where is Ten Degree Channel?
Ans:- It separates Andaman and Nicobar island.

9. Who gave the tune of National Anthem?
Ans:- Captain Ram Singh set it on musical tune. Playing time 52 Seconds.

10. What is Majuli?
Ans:- World largest river island on the banks of Brahmaputra.

11. First Dock in Bombay:
Ans:- Jamshedji Wadia , a Parsi master ship builder from Surat constructed the first dock in Bombay in 1872.

12. One Fathom = how much feet?
Ans:- 1 fathom = 6 feet

13. When Fa-Hian came India from China?
Ans:- Chandra Gupta-II was the king at that time.

14. Who built Khajuraho temple?
Ans:- The king of Chandela.

15. When British Government replace the capital of India from Calcutta to Delhi?
Ans:- In 1911

16. What is Operation Blackboard?
Ans:- Development schemes of Primary School.

17. Who built a house first in Malabar Hill in Bombay?
Ans:- Governor of Bombay (1819 to 1827 ) was the first to built a house on Malabar Hill.

18. Ancient name of Elephanta caves:
Ans:- Gharapuri Konkon island was given the name Elephanta by the Portuguese.

◕ Bengali Story writing competition. More..

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