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1. What is Kamikaze?Ans:-
Japanese pilots and aircraft used for suicide mission during World War- II

2. Tallest President of USA?
Ans:- Abraham Lincoln. He was 6ft 4inchs.

3. Motto of Asian games-

4. First Common Wealth Games:
In 1930.

5. Motto of Olympics:
Citrus ( Swifter)
Altus ( Higher )
Forties ( Stronger ).

6. Indian Amit Kumar won silver medal in which world championship in 2013?
Ans:- World Wrestling Championship.

7. Why water drops can’t stick to the oily surface ?
Ans:- Due to lack of adhesive force.

8. Who is known as Chandragupta-II?
Ans:- Vikramaditya.

9. First director of RAW?
Ans:- Rameshwar Nath Kao.

10. When fundamental duties of an Indian citizens incorporated I the constitution?
Ans:- 1976.

11. Mahabalipuram temple in Tamil Nadu was built during which reign?
Ans:- Pallavas.

12. Which famous ruler of ancient India was converted to Jainism at the end of his life?
Ans:- Chandragupta.

13. Which was patronised by Jahangir?
Ans:- Painting.

14. Who appoints CAG in India?
Ans:- The President.

15. In India where first post office run totally by women?
Ans:- New Delhi.

16. First General Election in India after independence?
Ans:- In 1952. Total 55 parties participated in that election.

17. During whose reign did Changez khan attack Indian’s border?

Ans:- lltutmish.

18. Who is known as Chandragupta-II?
Ans:- Vikramaditya.

19. Largest banana producing country in the world?
Ans:- India.

20. Which British Governor’s tomb is in Ghaziabad, UP, India?
Ans:- Lord Cornwallis.

◕ Bengali Story writing competition. More..