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1. Where Lord Buddha gave his first speech?
Ans:- Saranath.

2. Who was the Governor General of India when first train ran between Bombay to Thane?
Ans:- Lord Dalhousie.

3. What is Fish Plate?
Ans:- A Fish Plate joins two tracks of railway.

4. Which five villages, Shri Krishna wanted for Pandavas from Kauravas?
Ans:- Bagpat, Indraprasth, Karnpat, Parnapat, Swaranapat.

5. Ellora:
It has 36 caves. 17 caves consist Hindu gods, 12 Buddhist, 5 Jain, 2 Vishwakarma.

6. In which Veda we can find the name or our county Bharat?
Ans:- Rig Veda.

7. Smallest Planet of the Sun?
Ans:- Mercury. It takes 88 earth days to move around the sun.

◕ Bengali Story writing competition. More..

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