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1. What is the Boiling point of Blood?
Ans:- There is no boiling point of blood as it clots.

2. Number of bones in a child-
Ans:- A child has 300 bones while an adult has 206 bones.

3.Which mosquito carries Dengue fever virus?
Ans:- Aedes Mosquito.

4. Why small amount of salt is necessary in our diet?
Ans:- It produce small amount of Hydrochloric acid which is required for digestion.

5. Which gas is use to converting Vegetable oils into saturated fat?
Ans:- H2

6. The element which is required by the plant in large quantity?

7. How many colors human eyes can identify?
Ans:- 17000 different colors.

8. There are how many hearts in an Octopus?
Ans:- Octopus has 43 hearts.

9. When homeopathy entered in India?
Ans:- Homeopathy entered India on 1839. The first patient treated was Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

10. What is the Combination of Stainless Steel?
Ans:- With Iron, 18% Chromium + 8% Nickel.

11. What is amalgam?
Mercury alloy. Example: Silver and gold amalgam used in the treatment of teeth.

12. What is called Carbonados ?
Black Diamond

13. Which country used the Plastic Currency at first? :
Ans:- Australia is the first country to use the plastic currency.

14. Which country’s constitution is called mother of all constitution?
Ans:- England

15. First Common Wealth Games:
In 1930.

16. First Post Card:
First Post Card was used in Austria in 1869.

17. Largest selling daily newspaper in the world?
Dempa Shimbun of Japan. 1 core 20 lakhs per day.

18. Who gave the word ‘Pakistan’?
Ans:- Choudhry Rahmat Ali on 28th January 1933.

19. What is HIBAKUSHA?
Ans:- This is the name given to the survivors of Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

20. Which country has the most number of UNESCO recognized world heritage sites?
Ans:- Italy has the most number of world heritage site. Total: 51 sites.

◕ Bengali Story writing competition. More..

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