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Rivers of Tripura

Rivers of Tripura

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This article is regarding the Rivers of Tripura .
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Tripura is a north-eastern state of India. It has many rivers. The name of the main 11 rivers of Tripura are:

Bijay, Deo, Dhalai, Feni, Gumti, Haora, Juri , Khowai, Longai, Manu, Muhuri.

All rivers are originated from hill ranges of Tripura and they are totally rain fed. Truly speaking all rivers of Tripura is ephemeral. They are not comfortable for boat. They generate an annual flow of almost 793 million cubic meter of water.

Fenni and Langai are shared by two Indian states, Tripura and Mizoram.

Agartala , the capital of Tripura is on the bank of the river Haora .

Direction of Rivers of Tripura

Almost all rivers of Tripura flow into Bangladesh.

◕ The Khowai, Dhalai, Manu, Juri and Longai flow towards the north.

◕ The Gumti, Howra flow towards the west.

◕ The Muhuri and Feni flow towards the south west.

Small descriptions of rivers of Tripura

Area: Jampui Hill, Dharmanagar, Kanchanpur valley.
Flow towards: North. It meets Manu river.
Length: 132 km.

Area: Longtharai range, Khowai,Kamalpur.
Flow towards: North to Bangladesh.
Length: 117 km.

Area: Longtharai, Amarpur, Gandachara, Udaipur, Sonamura.
Flow towards: West upto Bangladesh.
Length: 133 Km.

Area: Baramura range, Agartala.
Flow towards: West upto Bangladesh.
Length: 53 km.

Area :Jampui Hill, Dharmanagar Valley.
Flow towards: North.
Length: 79 Km.

Area: Longtharai range, Khowai, Amarpur.
Flow towards: North-west to Bangladesh.
Length: 166 km.

Area: Jampui Hill, Dharmanagar.
Flow towards: North.
Length: 98 km long.

Area: Sakhan range, Longtharai, Kailashar.
Flow towards: North to Bangladesh.
Length: 167 km.

Area: Deotamura, Belonia.
Flow towards: West to Bangladesh.
Length: 64 km.

Gomti River

Main and important river of Tripura is Gomuti. Its length is 133Km. It covers Amarpur, Gandachara, Udaipur, Sonamura to Bangladesh.

It has two tributaries. They are Raima and Sarma. Raima and Sarma joined together in the place Docharibadi and they named Gumti from there. Near the place Tirthamukh Gumti formed Dumboor waterfall and come to the plane area.

It is said that Vishnu's footprints are seen at Tirthamukh. As a result every year during Makar Sankranti people take a dip in the holy waters of Tirthamukh.

A hydroelectric power plant has been set up on Gomati at Dumboor falls . Gumti river confluence river Meghna in Bangladesh.

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