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List of World Secret Agencies

List of World Secret Agencies

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This article is regarding List of World Secret Agencies.
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◕ ASIS: Australian Secret Intelligence Service (Australia)
Established in 13 May 1952.

◕ BND: Federal Intelligence Service (Germany)
Federal Intelligence Service also know as Bundesnachrichtendienst.
Established in 1 April 1956.
Preceding agency: Central Intelligence Group.

◕ BOSS : South Africa

◕ BSI: Bureau Of Special Investigation (Myanmar OR Burma)

◕ CIA : Central Intelligence Agency (United States)
Established in September 18, 1947.

◕ DGI: Directorate of Intelligence ( Cuba )

◕ DGSE: Direction Generale De La Securite Exterieure (France)
Established in April 2, 1982.
Preceding agency: External Documentation and Counter-Espionage Service.

◕ FSB: Federal Security Bureau of Russian Federation (Russia)
Established in 3 April, 1995.
Preceding agency: KGB.

◕ GIP: General Intelligence Presidency (Saudi Arabia)

◕ ISD: Internal Security Department ( Singapore )

◕ ISI : Inter-Service Intelligence (Pakistan)
Established in 1948.

◕ MOSSAD: The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operation (Israel)
Established in December 13, 1949.

◕ MI6: Military Intelligence Section 6 (United Kingdom)
Established in 1909 as the Secret Service Bureau.
MI5: Military Intelligence Section 6 (United Kingdom) for internal Security Service.

◕ MOIS: Ministry of Intelligence (Iran)
SAVAK: The Shah's secret police force.

◕ MSS: Ministry of State Security (China)

◕ NDI: National Investigation Department (Nepal)
Formerly it was known as Nepal Guptachar Bibhag.

◕ NSI: National Security Intelligence ( Bangladesh )

◕ RAW: Research and Analysis Wing (India)
Established in 21 September 1968 under direction of its first Director, Rameshwar Nath Kao.

◕ State Security Department (North Korea)
It was established in 1973.

◕ SIS: State Intelligence Service (SriLanka)

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