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Mountains of Tripura

Mountains of Tripura

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This article is regarding the Mountains of Tripura .
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Tripura is a small hilly state in India's north-eastern region. The hills of Tripura are mainly spread from north to south. These hills are mainly divided into 5 ranges. These 5 ranges are:

◕ Jampui Range
◕ Shakan Range
◕ Langtarai Range
◕ atharamura Range
◕ Deotamura and Baramura Range

These big hills have been linked to small hills. All these small & big hills and hill ranges are spread across vast valley and plains of Tripura. The hills are the origin of many small torrential rivers.

Mountains of Tripura are covered with deep forest. These forests are full of valuable plants like Sal, Teak etc. Besides, these forests are rich with mangoes, jams, jackfruit, litchi, oranges etc. Moreover these hilly forests are famous for one particular tree. Bamboo tree. These bamboo trees are famous for their quality. These are the great resource for our Tripura.

The soil of these hills is mainly Red loam and sandy loam soil. This soil is not suitable for agriculture. But it is very useful for Tea cultivation. So many Tea gardens and Tea factories have been built on the hills of Tripura. Moreover, tribal people of Tripura cultivate Jhum on the steep of the hill slope.

The main & important hill of Tripura is Jampui Range. It has the highest peak of Tripura. The name of the highest peak of Tripura is Balinchhip. Ba means 'a species of tuber', Lin means 'plant(in mizo)', Chhip means 'a peak(in mizo)'.

Brief description of the five mountain ranges of Tripura:

Jampui Range:
Length: 74 Km.
The highest peak is the Balinchhip (939 m).

Shakan Range:
Length: 58 Km.
The highest peak is Shakal ( 782 m ).

Langtarai Range:
Length 48 Km.
The highest peak is Phawngpui also known as Blue Mountain ( 482 m ).

atharamura Range:
Length: 106 Km.
The highest peak is Jari Mura ( 481 m).

Deotamura & Baramura Range:
Length: 85 Km.
The highest peak is Baramura ( 269 m ).

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