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A Storm Night

English Poem

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◍ ◍   A Storm Night   ◍ ◍

Poet - Anurag Sarkar, Milanchakra, Agartala.
Sant Paul's School, Class -V

A Storm Night

Storm came at night
And came with a big flight.
A tree broke down-
Took all the area on the lawn.
Big sound came from the tree,
The birds on the branch were not free.
The electricity gone,
Please take me, I am alone.
Because of storm, and short circuit,
The power was cut-
When I hear, I scare,
But my mother and father, no fear.
Next day, Sun came to the sky-
Again birds started to fly.
I saw the tree in the morning
My father gave a warning,
Because of tree broke down on the road
There was a big crowd.
It was one most scary
That I wrote in my dairy.

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