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Anamika Majumder


Jokes By- Anamika Majumder
Class-VII, Shri Krishna Mission School, Agartala.
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■ Kamala: Hi Bimla! Why you have worn your wedding ring in the wrong finger?

Bimla: Because I have married a wrong man.

■ Police commissioner: Have you caught the criminal?

Police Inspector: No Sir, but I have brought his finger-print on my chicks and back.

■ Teacher: Tukka, Which one is closer to us, Moon or Mind?

Tukka: Mind is near but moon is clear.

■ Tukki to Tukka: Tell me what was happened in the year 2002?

Tukka: I don’t know.

Tukki: O! Shame on you! You don’t know I was born that year!

■ Customer ( angrily ): Waiter why my tea is so cold?

Waiter ( With Smile ): Sir, it is special Darjeeling tea; now direct from Darjeeling.

◕ Bengali Story writing competition. More..

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