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Anamika Majumder


Jokes By- Anamika Majumder
Class-VII, Shri Krishna Mission School, Agartala.
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☺ ☻ Father: Tukki, why you have not given your Math Exam?

Tukki: Fathu, You had told me to keep away from Problems.

☺ ☻ Teacher: Oxygen is most important for breathing. It was discovered in 1773.

Tukka: Thanks God!! I was born after that, otherwise life would be impossible for me.

☺ ☻ Teacher: Tukki, tell me, When was Jesus Christ was born?

Tukki: I don't know.

Teacher: Why?

Tukki: Because I was not born at that time.

☺ ☻ Teacher: Tukka, How do we get clean water?

Tukka: Bring the water from river and then wash it.

☺ ☻ Leba: Can a Kangaroo jump higher than this Eiffel Tower?

Pori: Yes Leba, Why not?

Leba: How?

Pori: Because the Eiffel Tower cannot jump!

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