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Lok Sabha Seats

Lok Sabha Seats

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This article is regarding the List of Indian Lok Sabha Seats.
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The Lok Sabha is the lower house of the Indian Parliament. Total seats in Lok Sabha is 545. There are currently 543 constituencies seats in the Indian Lok Sabha and 2 other seats are reserved for the personalities nominated by the Indian President.

Among this 545

Lok Sabha seats from states: 530 Nos.

Lok Sabha seats from Union Territory: 13 Nos.

President of India nominates 2 Nos of Lok Sabha seats.

Maximum Lok Sabha seats: Uttar Pradesh, 80 Seats.

Minimum Lok Sabha seat: 1 seat from each for the following constituencies.
Andaman & Nicobar
Dadra & Nagar Haveli
Daman Diu

List of Indian Lok Sabha Seats according to the States

Andhra Pradesh: 25 seats

Arunachal Pradesh: 2 seats

Assam: 14 seats

Bihar: 40 seats

Chhattisgarh: 11 seats

Goa: 2 seats

Gujarat: 26 seats

Haryana: 10 seats

Himachal Pradesh: 4 seats

Jammu and Kashmir: 6 seats

Jharkhand: 14 seats

Karnataka: 28 seats

Kerala: 20 seats

Madhya Pradesh: 29 seats

Maharashtra: 48 seats

Manipur: 2 seats

Meghalaya: 2 seats

Mizoram: 1 seat

Nagaland: 1 seat

Odisha: 21 seats

Punjab: 13 seats

Rajasthan: 25 seats

Sikkim: 1 seat

Tamil Nadu: 39 seats

Telangana: 17 seats

Tripura: 2 seats

Uttar Pradesh: 80 seats

Uttarakhand: 5 seats

West Bengal: 42 seats

Total: 530 Seats

List of Indian Lok Sabha Seats according to Union Territory

Andaman and Nicobar Islands: 1 seat

Chandigarh: 1 seat

Dadra and Nagar Haveli: 1 seat

Daman and Diu: 1 seat

Lakshadweep: 1 seat

Delhi: 7 seats

Puducherry: 1 seat

Total: 13 Seats

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